Natural Spa Pedicure $29 (30 mins)

• Soak your feet in a sensational Herbal Mineral Bath, followed by cuticle treatment, exfoliate with Liquid Body Lufra, massage Body Smoother lotion & your choice of nail polish.

Natural Foot Treatment $35 (35 mins)

• Nuture your feet with the Natural Foot Treatment, which includes soaking your feet in a rich Herbal mineral bath, cuticle treatment, Liquid Body Lufra exfoliation, a deep heel scrub and massage with Sole Sultion Foot Treatment, leaving your feet soft and smooth. Finish with your choice of polish.

Natural IceDancer Pedicure $42 (40 mins)

• A perfect relaxing and cooling sensation treatment for your leg and feet. Soak your feet in our natural Herbal Mineral Bath, cuticle treatment, exfoliate with Liquid Body Lufra, relieve tension and achy legs and feet with a hot towel wrap with IceDancer invigorating gel massage, treat your heels with Sole Solution Foot Treatment, and a perfect moisturizing finish. Complete with nail polish.

Natural Firewalker Pedicure $52 (45 mins) •

• Treat your tired & achy feet with the Natural IceDancer Pedicure finish with our Firewalker Foot Cream, leaving you feet soft, smooth, and fully moisturized.